almost done

My freezers are getting full and the cabinet where I store my jars ‘o food is almost full.  I still have about 2 dozen empty jars, so I think I’ll make more applesauce…

so far:

ancho salsa (canned)
applesauce (canned)
arbol salsa (canned)
black raspberries (frozen)
blueberries (frozen)
bread & butter pickles (canned)
chopped green peppers (frozen)
chopped red peppers (frozen)
grape jam (canned)
pasta sauce (frozen)
peach jam (canned)
peaches (canned)
pesto (frozen)
rhubarb (frozen)
roasted red peppers (frozen)
strawberries (frozen)
strawberry jam (frozen)
tomatillo salsa (canned)
tomato juice (canned)
tomato puree (canned and some frozen)

I keep buying red peppers at farmers’ markets, even though I don’t need them…just because they’re there.  I’m getting inundated with sweet potatoes (can I freeze sweet potatoes?) and squash (despite the flood wiping out my CSA’s squash field). I’m going apple picking today and might come home with a bushel.  I can’t stop, but pretty soon there will be nothing left to buy, freeze or can.

In non-fruit-and-vegetable news, I recently bought a half hog with friends (so I ended up with a quarter.  It’s delicious). Next month I’m getting my chicken ration for the fall, winter and early spring and soon after that, I’ll pick up my quarter cow.  I have three freezers and I might not have space…

It’s not hoarding; we’ll eat most of this by June!

One thought on “almost done

  1. Sweet potatoes can be frozen. I’m doing it right now for baby food. The book that I am using as my guide for freezer shelf live says sweet potatoes can be for up to 2 months, but that is I think on the short side intentionally to play it ultra safe for babies, I think for adult consumption you could do it longer. The book (Super baby food, also mentions that it may change the consistency- probably not a problem for doing mashed potatoes, though)

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