Piles of food

I eat and cook piles of food in Western Massachusetts. But food is so much more than eating and cooking.

Individual health and public health.
Animal welfare and human rights.
History and culture.
Trends and traditions.
Survival and celebration.
Education, ecology and economic issues.
Art and science.
Exploitation and self-sufficiency.
Communities and corporate profits.
Politics and pop culture.
Flavor and fuel.

What do we want to eat, and why? What should we eat, and can we afford it? Where does our food come from, and why should we care? What foods do we have to choose from, and why don’t we have more choices? Or should we have fewer?

Food interests me more than anything else. I’m starting this blog because I’m constantly thinking about food, and it’s time to channel that into something.  I’m not sure if I’ll write about the above issues all that frequently–or if I’ll just share recipes and brag about how many jars of tomatoes are in my basement.  Read and find out!

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    • Sorry guys, I don’t have time in my schedule for an Oatmeal Committee. Although I do have time to come watch your panel discussion while I eat stout cake and drink malbec.

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