Harmony Springs

How have I not told you about this? Are you lucky enough to live in Western Massachusetts? Do you like seltzer?

DID YOU KNOW that there is a company that will deliver seltzer to your house in old-timey glass bottles?!

It’s true. Harmony Springs in Ludlow makes and delivers seltzer all around our area. For $14 (plus a bottle deposit of 25 cents per bottle) you get a case of 12 glass quart bottles of seltzer or soda, delivered to your door. The bottles are refilled, not recycled, and the most exciting part of all of this is that Harmony Springs has bought very old bottles from other companies that have gone out of business, and the labels are awesome. Although Harmony sells a bunch of different flavors of seltzer and soda, I usually stick with plain, and dress it up with lime, lemon, mint leaves, juice…and/or gin, vodka, white wine…

I highly recommend purchasing a bottle capper to close the caps after you’ve opened a bottle. The capper keeps the seltzer bubbly for weeks!

Do it.


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