Freezers, don’t fail me now

We are kitchen-less for ten weeks! What will we eat?!

If we could have, we would have included a healthy takeout budget in our renovation plans. I would eat Indian and Thai multiple times each week. Not having any way to make my lunch, I would go out for lunch with friends every day. I would pick up pizza with sesame seeds in the crust on my way home from work, and I would eat a delicious egg sandwich every morning. After a while, we would grow tired of Moroccan and grass-fed burgers and taquitos and sushi and the exciting new sandwich place and all of the other delightful options available in our town.

Unfortunately, we’re doing some serious penny-pinching in order to afford this project. And eating good food is WAY too important to me, so I couldn’t see eating cereal and canned soup for every meal.

This is our current food-prep setup:

That, my friends, is a tabletop sitting on top of a piano in a funny little room in the middle of our house. This is the entryway, and off this room is:

  • the coat closet
  • our living room
  • the porch
  • stairs to the basement
  • stairs to the second story
  • the bathroom
  • and eventually, our new kitchen.

Given that this room has to function as a tiny entryway, kitchen, and hallway through the house, I knew I didn’t want to try cooking at home during this project. I imagined cooking on a weak little hot plate and tripping over the dog on my way to drain limp simmered pasta in the bathroom sink, and knew I didn’t want to deal.

So a week ago, I spent three whole days cooking up a storm and putting small packages of food away in the freezer. I made enough food to keep us alive for at least a month. I made soup, a bunch of casseroles, pasta sauce, bread, cookies, and of course, fixings for taco night. My plan is to borrow my mom’s kitchen every week to supplement the frozen stash. We’re only two days in (out of 70+) but I’m feeling pretty prepared. For Christmas, my mom gave us a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants, and we’re hoarding it to celebrate the halfway mark in early April.

Yesterday was demolition day, and here’s all that’s left of our kitchen:


One thought on “Freezers, don’t fail me now

  1. Just posted on my Shadows’ FB page. I have meant to email you to say this kitchenless period must provide us our opportunity for a refried bean-making evening with Lucien. Right? You bring the tortillas, maybe.

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