floor plan

Here’s the floor plan for the new kitchen!Isn’t it amazing?

Our old kitchen was pretty big–something like 15×13–but the layout was terrible. The new kitchen, because it includes that large empty dining area, is significantly smaller, but of course will be laid out thoughtfully. It’s going to be strange to cook in a smaller space, but to have the sink RIGHT THERE instead of having to take 8-10 steps across the room.

Yesterday a big cement truck came to add some additional stability and height to the foundation (our old kitchen was a 6″ step down from the rest of the house). Today, lumber is being delivered and building will begin!

2 thoughts on “floor plan

  1. ooooo, what a lovely, thoughtful design. i too, am in a smaller kitchen and must say, i like having everything at my fingertips;)

  2. You’ll get a lot more storage space if you ditch the lazy !!!! susan- It’s expensive and if you put stuff you don’t use often-turkey roasting pan, extra stuff in the back, you still have easy access to important things. You get more space and it cost less money. With lazy Susan!!!, spin fast –stuff falls on floor, knocks each other over. Just saying . . . .

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