Favorite zucchini pasta

We got zucchini in the farm share this week! Get out your mandoline and frozen pesto and make this.

I use the mandoline to shave off strings on four sides of the zucchini, leaving the seedy core behind to be composted.

Favorite zucchini pasta
Inspired by Smitten Kitchen
Makes two big servings

1/2 lb. spaghetti
3 medium zucchini or summer squash, or combination, sliced into strings (see note above)
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons pesto
salt, pepper, parmesan cheese

Cook the pasta.

In a frying pan, saute the garlic in the olive oil for a minute, then add zucchini and cook until slightly softened (just a minute or two). Then mix in the pesto, and then mix in the drained pasta. Season with salt (you’ll need more than you think) and pepper, and garnish with lots of shredded parmesan.


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