Blueberry jam!!

Yesterday I received an email from my favorite berry farm, informing me that blueberries are ready for picking! But I have decided I’m not allowed to pick fruit if I still have that fruit in my freezer from last year. And despite my best efforts to eat, cook, and give away the fifty pounds of blueberries I froze last July, I still had a few pounds left. So I made jam!

I used the recipe in the Pomona’s Pectin box, with 3 cups of sugar for 1.5 batches (precise notes here so that I can refer to this post next time I make it). Now’s a good time to mention a terrific new book I bought recently: Food In Jars, by Marisa McClellan, the author of the blog of the same name. Because I had Pomona’s on hand, I didn’t follow Marisa’s recipe for blueberry jam, which calls for liquid pectin. But there are tons of recipes in the book that I have dog-eared and can’t wait to try this summer: pickled jalapeƱos, pickled red onions, another attempt at bread & butter pickles, and marinara sauce (canned in a hot water bath!), among others.

In other exciting news, this jam is canned in Kerr wide-mouth half-pint jars. I’ve found a few at tag sales this summer, and carried a full case back from my trip to LA in February. You can’t buy these jars on the east coast, so it was worth wrapping them up in my dirty laundry.

Tomorrow or perhaps next weekend, I’m heading up to the farm with my 6-quart storage containers for my first day of picking…likely my first of several.

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