Yes you need no knead bread!

Five years ago today, Mark Bittman wrote about Jim Lahey’s no knead bread recipe. Happy anniversary, miracle bread!

Although I was aware of it from the start, I’ve still never made this exact recipe (someday I will). Something about putting the dough in a dishtowel puts me off. The recipe I use is quicker, easier, and is pretty much foolproof.  I promise!

This is a long post because I’ve tried to be really detailed–but once you get the hang of it, this bread will take you no time at all. Continue reading

Buns for 19

Labor Day picnic: burgers, dogs, and veggie sausages. I was tasked with making the buns.

The bumpier looking ones on the left were made with my standard no-knead bread dough.

For the others I used a typical (kneaded!) dough recipe that uses onion powder, butter and a bit too much sugar.  I’ll make those again, with less sugar.  The no-knead bread is great, but they are pretty crusty and chewy, and sometimes burgers can’t stand up to the bread.  These were nice and soft.

More bread talk coming soon…