Blueberry jam!!

Yesterday I received an email from my favorite berry farm, informing me that blueberries are ready for picking! But I have decided I’m not allowed to pick fruit if I still have that fruit in my freezer from last year. And despite my best efforts to eat, cook, and give away the fifty pounds of blueberries I froze last July, I still had a few pounds left. So I made jam!

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Tomato juice!

I like a bloody mary from time to time, but the real reason I canned tomato juice is: I make all that nice thick tomato puree, and it takes FOREVER to reduce it down and make it thick…and then I put it in soup and ADD WATER!  This is dumb and I’m not going to do it anymore.  Enter tomato juice! I will reserve the puree for when I actually need it. Continue reading


squishyA few weeks ago I got a good deal on peaches from Clarkdale, and made peach jam for the first time. It’s not great, but it will serve its purpose, which is to distract me from the strawberry jam (I made ONLY eighteen jars, and I’m afraid I might eat it all by January).

Tom asked if I was going to can peaches in syrup again.  For the past two years I’ve canned peaches and I was pretty unhappy with them.  The flavor was fine, but the texture was awful.  The fruit may have been overripe, but for whatever reason, the peaches were stringy and fell apart.  I swore I would swear off peach canning forever, but that made Tom sad (he likes to eat them on vanilla ice cream with homemade granola), so I decided to try again. Continue reading