Red pepper pile, part 2: how to roast peppers

Conventional instructions are to put a whole pepper on top of your gas stove, right on the flame.  Let it char, turn it with tongs, and when the whole thing is blackened, put it in a paper bag and let it cool, while it steams itself in the bag.  Take the pepper out and you’ve got a slippery, wiggly pepper, and blackened skin that flakes off in a thousand little pieces.  The blackened skin flakes get all over the sink and your hands. Stop doing this! Continue reading

Red pepper pile, part 1

pile 'o peppersLast summer I got serious about peppers. I bought ten extra pounds from my CSA and chopped, roasted and froze them.  I ran out in February, and made a mental note to get very, very serious in 2011.  Behold twenty-seven pounds of organic red peppers!

Bell peppers (red, green and otherwise) are on the list of vegetables and fruits that I’ll only buy organic.  Conventionally grown peppers carry pesticide residues you can’t wash off–carcinogens, hormone disruptors, reproductive toxins–yummy! But organic peppers in the grocery store can cost $8 per pound, and they’re imported from thousands of miles away.  When locally grown food is fresher AND cheaper, it makes those supermarket peppers look a lot less attractive. Continue reading