Blueberry jam!!

Yesterday I received an email from my favorite berry farm, informing me that blueberries are ready for picking! But I have decided I’m not allowed to pick fruit if I still have that fruit in my freezer from last year. And despite my best efforts to eat, cook, and give away the fifty pounds of blueberries I froze last July, I still had a few pounds left. So I made jam!

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Tomato juice!

I like a bloody mary from time to time, but the real reason I canned tomato juice is: I make all that nice thick tomato puree, and it takes FOREVER to reduce it down and make it thick…and then I put it in soup and ADD WATER!  This is dumb and I’m not going to do it anymore.  Enter tomato juice! I will reserve the puree for when I actually need it. Continue reading

Jars, part 1

a small part of the collection

I bought a case or two of canning jars several years ago, before I started canning, to store dry goods in my pantry. Since I started canning my collection has exploded.  At last count I have more than 250 jars in the house.

At the beginning of the summer, many of these (200?) are empty and sitting on a shelf in the basement, waiting for canning season to begin. By October, they’re all full! Continue reading